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At the moment, our premium Japanese sake is available in 49 states. All sake is imported and distributed via Vine Connections of Sausalito, CA. Click here to visit their site and view their state-by-state distribution list.


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EMAIL NEWSLETTER, the web site of eSake co-founder John Gauntner, offers a free monthly sake newsletter distributed with the purpose of disseminating useful and interesting information about sake and the sake world. Fascinating descriptions of how sake is made, stories of sake lore, and where to drink it and where to buy it in both Japan and North America are covered in detail. No more wondering what makes a good sake, or which sake to try at the local liquor shop or sake-stocked establishment. Each issue includes sake recommendations and flavor-profile descriptions. Leap the language barrier and know your sake. Back issues of the Sake World newsletter are ARCHIVED here. Keep in mind that all newsletters are copyrighted. Also see archived versions of John's Japan Times articles by clicking here. If you want to receive both newsletters, please make sure to complete the subscription process for both.

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In addition to the free monthly newsletter, John also offers automated email updates that inform you of upcoming sake seminars and sake events in Tokyo, nationwide, and abroad. Click below button to subscribe. Unsubscribe info included in all mailings. If button fails to work, click here.


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