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Tozai - Voices in the Mist

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720 ml & 300 ml

Nihonshu - The Taste of Tradition

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Tozai, Voices in the Mist, Premium Honjozo Nigori Sake, by Daimon Shuzo of Japan



720 ml  

300 ml

By: Daimon


N / A

Voices in the Mist

Nihonshu-do +7
Alcohol 14.9%
Seimaibuai 65%
Acidity 1.5
Rice Nihonbare
Yeast Brewer's Original
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DESCRIPTION: Ginjo Nigori. Made by Daimon Shuzo, Osaka Prefecture. The aromas practically jump out of the glass: freshly cut flowers, anise, pear, and a touch of pleasant earthiness. On the palate, it has solid weight and flavors of pear, fresh white rice, a pastis-like licorice flavor, and a clean finish not often found in nigori sake. Makes you want to come back for another sip. Tozai represents a unique collaboration between the sixth-generation Japanese sake brewery Daimon Shuzo, the prominent Kyoto-based American artist Daniel Kelly (who designed the front label), and America's leading importer of chilled, premium, artisanal Japanese sake, Vine Connections. Tozai means "East-West" in Japanese and evokes the spirit of the alliance that created this special sake.  

Vine Connections - importer and distributor of premium Japanese nihonshu in the USA

 USA sake importer with
 distribution in 49 states,
 Wash. DC & US Virgin Islands

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